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May 20, 2014

This is my beautiful cousin Jenessa that I had the privilege of photographing with her fiance.  They were so easy going and had lots of fun ideas.  DAY_6279 Untitled-4 DAY_6363 DAY_6378-2 Untitled-1 DAY_6390 DAY_6435 DAY_6475 Untitled-2 DAY_6483 DAY_6495-2 Untitled-3 DAY_6528 DAY_6588 DAY_6648-2 DAY_6683 Untitled-7 Untitled-6 DAY_6727 DAY_6780 Untitled-5

May 20, 2014

Absolutely loved this engagement session with Jen and Sway.  It was a gorgeous day, setting and couple.  They were a ton of fun to photograph.  DAY_5142 DAY_5155Untitled-1DAY_5261 DAY_5274Untitled-5


Untitled-6 Untitled-7

September 27, 2013

Remember that really stormy, rainy day a few weeks ago in Utah?  Well that was the night we tried to take these pics.  Sadly the “first look” shots were the only thing we were able to get since it was pouring and dark. The next day we braved the rain and still were able to get some gorgeous shots.  A lot of these pictures were taken under an umbrella that was propped up in the tree.  If you look closely in some of them you can see a few rain speckles.  Regardless of the very crappy weather I think they turned out gorgeous.  They are a beautiful couple and so fun to photograph.  Congrats to one of my best friends Bekki and her fiance David!
Untitled-1 DAY_3941 DAY_4565 bekki4 DAY_4008-2 DAY_4031 DAY_4313 DAY_4036 DAY_4258 DAY_4046 DAY_4307 DAY_4091-2 DAY_4202 DAY_4120 DAY_4252 Untitled-3 DAY_4355 DAY_4406 DAY_4539 DAY_4617

August 12, 2013




I was privileged to shoot this beautiful couple’s wedding a few weeks ago. They were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  It was a perfect overcast day.  I loved her very creative details at their reception and loved the colors they picked.  It was a very sweet moment at her reception when she danced with some of the men her life since her dad had passed away.  I loved following around all the cute kids at the wedding.  It was a great day.

Congrats Josh and Sarah!  DAY_0322 DAY_0373-2 DAY_0399-2 Untitled-1 DAY_0451 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DAY_0577-2 DAY_0612 sarah2 sarah3 DAY_0693 DAY_0705-2 DAY_0740 sarah4 sarah5 DAY_1074 DAY_1075-2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DAY_1126 DAY_1269 DAY_1385 DAY_1432 DAY_1455-2

July 12, 2013

Hayden and Savanna had a beautiful June wedding. It was a perfect day.  They both looked stunning.  They were so much fun to work with.  I loved at the temple when Savanna picked up a baby duck. Made for some cute photos.  Their reception that night was gorgeous.  I loved the location and all of the details.  Isn’t her bouquet so cool?  She made it herself!

Congrats Hayden and Savanna!  You guys are a beautiful couple! 02_01_v_white DAY_9146 s2 DAY_9181 DAY_9240 s4 DAY_9245 s3 DAY_9286 DAY_9409-2 DAY_9383 DAY_9364 DAY_9375 DAY_9324 DAY_9452-2 DAY_9545 DAY_9831 DAY_9554 s5 DAY_9954-2 s6 s8 DAY_9493 DAY_9818 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DAY_0036

June 07, 2013

I was able to take this beautiful couples temple photos a few days before they were married.  They are such a fun couple to photograph.  It’s been fun getting to know them.  We had a little bit of wind towards the end but I still love how they turned out.  Thanks Jake and Mellissa for letting me take your wedding photos!  Congrats on your marriage :).  DAY_7214-202_01_white DAY_6721


DAY_6899 DAY_6866 DAY_6780

mellissa2 mellissa3 DAY_6907mellissa4 mellissa5 DAY_7227-2mellissa6

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