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May 20, 2014


This sweet little guy is Carter.  He is now 7 months…so that shows you how far behind on my blogging I am.  Such a cute little guy, so glad I was able to take his pictures.DAY_4937 DAY_4951 DAY_4957 DAY_4972 DAY_4983 DAY_4985 DAY_4994 DAY_4998 DAY_5002 DAY_5009DAY_5047DAY_5070 DAY_5112 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

June 08, 2013

This very cute newborn is my new nephew Sam.  Isn’t he so sweet?  I just want to snuggle him all the time.  Too bad I live so far away. Congrats Taylor family on the new addition!  DAY_6495 DAY_6504 DAY_6507 DAY_6513 DAY_6542 DAY_6583 DAY_6584 DAY_6594 DAY_6600 DAY_6632 DAY_6656-2

May 03, 2013

I was able to shoot this beautiful babies pictures.  She slept so well.  Isn’t she so perfect?

DAY_1945 DAY_2025 DAY_2021 DAY_1988 DAY_1987 DAY_1931 DAY_2050 DAY_2209 DAY_2188 DAY_2161 DAY_2094 DAY_2064




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