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May 20, 2014


This sweet little guy is Carter.  He is now 7 months…so that shows you how far behind on my blogging I am.  Such a cute little guy, so glad I was able to take his pictures.DAY_4937 DAY_4951 DAY_4957 DAY_4972 DAY_4983 DAY_4985 DAY_4994 DAY_4998 DAY_5002 DAY_5009DAY_5047DAY_5070 DAY_5112 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

October 03, 2013

Isn’t she the cutest baby ever?  6 months is my favorite age to photograph.  I just love how smiley they are.  So adorable!  DAY_4887 DAY_4653 DAY_4759 DAY_4918 DAY_4698 DAY_4811 DAY_4908 DAY_4712 DAY_4736 DAY_4749-2 DAY_4850 DAY_4763 DAY_4777 DAY_4879 DAY_4906-2

August 26, 2013

How cute is this little guy?  Look at that face!  So adorable!  Happy Birthday Beckham!

DAY_2394 beckham1 DAY_2348-2 DAY_2358 DAY_2384-2 beckham2 DAY_2427 DAY_2450 DAY_2464-2

August 21, 2013

This very cute girl is Sophie.  She is turning 3!  I absolutely loved this session.  I love when I am able to do something new and different.  I loved the beach/swim theme her mom wanted for the pictures.  Check out that giant balloon too.  It was so fun.  I loved capturing the candid moments of her playing.

Happy Birthday Sophie!DAY_1789 sophie1 02_01_v_white DAY_1905 DAY_1925 DAY_1966 sophie2 DAY_1975 DAY_2026-2 DAY_2055-3 DAY_2116 DAY_2138-3 DAY_2237 02_01_white DAY_2260

July 22, 2013

Meet Zoey and Charley. I photographed them a few months back but I am trying to catch up on some blog posts.  So if you haven’t seen them before here is your chance :).  They were such photogenic kids.  So loving of each other.  I loved when Zoey would pick up her brother and hug and kiss him. Made for some really cute photos.DAY_4565 DAY_4583 DAY_4644-2 DAY_4658 DAY_4670 DAY_4674 DAY_4686 DAY_4690 DAY_4748 DAY_4761-2 DAY_4795-2 DAY_4815 DAY_4819-2 DAY_4882

July 02, 2013

This is the beautiful Taylor family.  Those 3 very cute, little boys are my nephews. Aren’t they adorable?…I think so :).DAY_8611 DAY_8647 DAY_8717-2 DAY_8661 DAY_8775-2

June 03, 2013

This sweet little girl just turned two!  Isn’t she so cute?!  I was having so much fun capturing her playing with her toys.  It was so precious!  I loved when she would tell us to be quiet because her baby was sleeping.  Also giving her bear tea was adorable.02_01_white addi2
DAY_7417 DAY_7448 DAY_7475 addi3 DAY_7504 DAY_7537-2 DAY_7565 DAY_7632 DAY_7672-2 DAY_7678

May 24, 2013

I started photographing this beauty at 6 months.  It’s been so fun to see how much she has grown over the years!  I can’t believe she is already 3.  She is always so much fun to photograph.  DAY_5669 copy


DAY_5700 DAY_5738-2DAY_5731DAY_5931 DAY_5966-2

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